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Why choose a puppy with a pedigree

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A puppy with a pedigree, why?
And why such a price?


First of all, purebred puppies with pedigree are the result of a rigorous selection of the parents, guaranteeing that their puppies will correspond as closely to the standard of the breed and allowing to perpetuate their so specific characteristics ...


Choosing a purebred dog in a kennel also means supporting the breed and all the work done to safeguard it!


Choosing a "purebred" dog without a pedigree or a so-called "type ..." puppy is killing the work of breeding, at the risk of seeing a breed completely disappear ... That said and not to be confused, we don't denigrate crossbreeds, which are also adorable!

Breeds with pedigree in Switzerland meet strict specifications, drawn up by the SCS (Société Cynologique Suisse) and with guidelines from the Breed Club in order to meet the needs of the chosen breed. This includes breeding facilities, screening tests for recurrent diseases, in-depth character tests, regular checks organized by the Breed Club ...


On the other hand, some may think that pedigree dog breeders make a lot of money with litters.


However, the following criteria must be taken into account:


The choice of the bitch


The bitch will be chosen from a serious breeding, with pedigree and health record. She will be fed with a quality food, corresponding to her stages of growth and her size. She will be monitored regularly by the veterinarian for her vaccines and the various screenings for hereditary diseases, as well as wormed regularly. In accordance with the breeding regulations, she will only be covered after having been screened for dysplasia of the hips and elbows (from 18 months) and the selection examination at the breeding, including a morphological part and a character examination. in-depth: the dog is free to move around, without a leash and is judged on its reactions to different stimuli.


The choice of the stallion - the breeding


A beautiful stallion will be chosen to marry our female, with a pedigree and a genetic heritage without co-blood with our bitch. The female will move to the stallion, a service price will be agreed and settled. Progesterone monitoring will be done before this trip.


Pregnancy follow-up


An ultrasound will be done to ensure the bitch is pregnant. An x-ray will be done a few days before giving birth to estimate the number of puppies, an x-ray after giving birth also to be sure that all the puppies have been given birth. Ideally, pregnancy and childbirth go well and the new mother takes good care of her young.


Puppies- feeding


From the 1st month of pregnancy, the bitch will be fed puppy food. After giving birth, from the 4th week or so, the puppies will be weaned gradually and will also feed on this puppy food.


Puppies - health


A puppy must be returned to excellent health to its new family. That implies :

  • Vermifuge every 15 days from 6 weeks

  • Usual vaccines and reminders

  • Identification


Puppy - paper


A pedigree will be given with the puppy, which also has a cost.


Puppy - sale


Although with the internet it is currently possible to advertise for free, it is nevertheless necessary to advertise the sale of puppies.




To this can be added the price of the shows to which the bitch can be entered and the time spent looking for a stallion or new families for the puppies. Of course, daily life with the bitch cannot be changed, except in affection and hugs.




The total amount of a litter may vary depending on the size of the litter, the prices of the vet or the breed club, but you will have already understood that this is not free ...

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