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st-bernard, saint-bernard
Our history


The history of our breeding began thanks to Appolon (Orlando von der Käpfli-Alp), our male who came into our life in 2007. He made us discover this fantastic breed and since then, the desire has come to us for the to perpetuate in Switzerland, its original cradle, by bringing new blood there.

Our primary goal is to see our companions grow healthy and harmoniously. To do this, they have a kennel, an outside park and of course daily walks and personal attention to each.

On the female side, we had the pleasure of seeing Edilis (from Domaine des Montagnards), Fidji (from Mas de Jalnot) and Mous (Hanonymous from Château Robert) grow up. In September 2017, Gin Tonic (at the Moulin de Tallans) came to strengthen our breeding

In November 2014, we welcomed our first 100% homemade litter with Mous as mom and Faccia d'Amore as dad! We kept Apollo, in honor of his grandfather ...

Muffin (Mayla von Phoenixson), our little Norwich Terrier, cheerfully animates our pack!

Our grandpa Zeus, our Newfoundland, shared our lives for almost 13 years ...

Our little pack is completed by Inlove, our Maine Coon cat who kingdoms (cautiously) in the middle of her imposing legged friends as well as her daughter Aretha Franklin, born at home and Enya in 3rd generation (daughter of Aretha). They have their own website ( ).

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